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Food & Mood Connection

Dietary lifestyle can trigger physiological and chemical changes within our brain that change how we feel, our behavior, and how respond to situations.

What we eat determines how we feel and how our body responds both physically and emotionally.

Our bodies are designed to thrive on essential vitamins and minerals.

If we are not nourishing our bodies with the correct healthy foods that fuel our brain and body to function properly then we may as well be considered “malnourished” ß and it doesn’t matter how we look either. You can be malnourished and appear healthy. What matters is: How do you feel?

How often do you feel sluggish, and just in a “downer” type of mood? How often do you actually feel good? One suggestion I always suggest to my clients is to keep a food diary. If you journal how you feel after your meals you can begin to see a pattern and pinpoint what foods are affecting your mood and also how you feel physically.

 Hosted by:  Missy Martin of My Momentum Fitness

The workshop is 1 1/2 hours with a 20 healthy tips handout and the eBook, "10 Simple Steps to a More Desirable Mood"  and ebook, "How To Love Yourself"