Welcome to the 3D LIFE


The 3 D's



The 3D Life Course Necessities

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Getting Started 

You can print hard copies of the 3D LIFE Journal & 3D LIFE Management or just fill in and save electronically.  Be sure to save each as the date you completed and keep in the same electronic folder.

Each lesson you should:​
  • Watch the video
  • Read the Lesson
  • Complete the worksheet & assessment

Each day be sure to Journal and reference your 3D LIFE Journal and 3D LIFE Manangement

The 3D Life Lessons
  • 1- Goals
  • 2- Are You Nourished?
  • 3- Stop & Smell the Roses
  • 4- WINNING!
  • 5- Overhaul
  • 6- Kill Your Nemesis
  • 7- Change Up!
  • 8- Lights, Camera, Action
  • Celebrate!!