The Dishwasher is Clean!!

I HATE unloading the dishwasher. I really don't hate it once I start, but when the little CLEAN light is on I will do pretty much anything to avoid opening it before I am ready to unload it.

We have a rule at my house that whoever opens the clean dishwasher unloads it. So, the family has been known to get pretty creative in their avoidance tactics.

In case you are looking for inventive ways to avoid opening the CLEAN dishwasher, here are some proud moments from my home.

Once, I walked in and my husband was eating a bowl of oatmeal with a rubber spatula.  

He asked me one morning why the kids were eating with plastic spoons, I said, "The dishwasher is Clean."​

Other known occurrences to happen when the dishwasher is clean:

  • Serve leftover chili on a plate
  • Adult drinking out of a kids' sippy cup
  • Kids eating yogurt out of a coffee mug
  • A salad for one served in a ceramic casserole dish
  • Eat scrambled eggs with a measuring spoon (I think it was the 1 Tbs)
  • The oldie but out of the pan you cook in.

​Can you relate?  What is the one chore you will avoid at all costs?  Or at least avoid until you are ready.

At this point I would usually loop this story around to how this can be related to eating healthier or exercising or some other healthy thing I love to promote.  But, I am really not in that kind of mood.  When I am ready, I will do it.  Besides, the dishwasher is clean and I should go empty it.​

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photo credit: mastermaq via photopin cc

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