Super Foods

Super foods--it is the buzz word we see in magazines, hear on The Dr. Oz Show and see advertisements' claims in Health Food isles.  They are advertised as the magical, fountain-of-youth type hype. We must wonder why there are not people living forever or avoiding all illnesses?  Like most things that make a buzz, Super foods are a great way to get key nutrients, but you must marry them with a healthy lifestyle.  There are stories all the time about people living over 100 years in poor countries without these super foods and super products.  Lifestyle is key to making super foods work.  Or any buzz-word magic-potion work.

It certainly doesn't hurt to try some out and see how you feel.  Some come in powder form you can add to smoothies, drinks and foods.  Others come in pills and capsules.  There are liquid forms you can take in a quick shot or add to foods and drinks.  I am sure there are more forms that I forgot or haven't heard of yet.  If you use a super food, let me know what you think.

For me, I try to stick with my healthy eating, regular activity, stress management and tons of self-care.  One thing I have never been able to let go of in all my years of trying different diets, programs, and healthy lifestyle, is my coffee.  Lucky for me, my coffee is infused with the ganoderma mushroom so I am consuming a Super Food every day.

So, before you go buy the newest hype from the infomercial, the display at the mall, or the ad in your magazine; do some research and don't spend too much money.  Make a plan to try what you feel passionate about and leave the rest behind. If it works for you, keep it, if not, don't worry, just let it go.


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