Success and Failure

Failure versus Success: This is such an interesting thing to me. When we fail at a goal or task we feel horrible. We are disappointed, and deflated and spend time reviewing where we went wrong and what we could do differently. But when we succeed, we feel like we shouldn’t brag, we credit all those who support us and we move on to the next goal with not much more than a little extra oomph in our spirit.

Why not feel the same for both success and failure? After all, most great successes were at the end of many failures with edits, updates and reorganization. It may not seem as glamorous to fail as it is to succeed, but I don’t think it is really failing.

Failing, to me, is not doing anything to reach for your goals.

If I just wrote my goals on a piece of paper and did nothing to pursue them then I WILL FAIL. But any attempts to accomplish those goals is definitely success, right? The point where your goal is complete is the end, not the beginning.

When I work on my goals, I put in my head that I may fail or succeed at each step. But each step is success no matter the outcome. Keep moving, right? Or as the famous Dori says from Finding Nemo, “Keep Swimming”. It is hard to know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t try anything.

Another imbalance when it comes to failure versus success and winning versus losing is in those close matches. Say you come in second place in a race by half a second. How are you not a winner? Is this not a success?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not an advocate of the new everyone is a winner concept, but instead, show what it is you gain by playing the game. If you are playing the game to get the trophy than your success is limited. If you are playing the game because you love it and want to continually improve then you are a winner-you are successful.

There are plenty of times you may find success or win when you barely try and then there are times you almost win or almost succeed and you will feel a rush! A rush of adrenaline that will fuel your journey to success. This, to me is the ultimate trophy, prize, and success. Man, I am pumped just talking about this.

I wish we had better terms and understanding of the growth and journey in reaching goals. Artists will credit their muse. Athletes will credit their coach. Stars will credit their agent.

But your passion is the igniter. Passion is the fuel for success.

Doing what excites you and not measuring the outcome but rather measuring the journey and all the steps along the way will ensure a feeling of winning, of success and of freedom.

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