Stay In Your Lane

You know those grooves on the shoulder of the highway?  When your car gets too close to the shoulder of the road, those bumps are the indicators that you are beginning roadto go outside your lane.  Ideally you slowly drift back into your lane.  But, some people continue off into the ditch.  It is much easier to ease back into the lane from the shoulder than from the ditch.  And, in most cases, there are no adverse effects to running over the shoulder grooves.  But after a visit to the ditch, damage is very likely. I see this same thing happen at the gym.  A few weeks of workouts right on track, the goal is getting closer, the uncertainties of the terrain become familiar, then theres is a distraction.  We drift off of our route a little.  If you have GPS guiding you, it will automatically reroute you back on track.  But who reroutes you when you miss a turn on your diet?  Where are the noisy shoulder grooves when you miss a few days of exercise?  Where are the directions when your workload doubles and you are over-scheduled?


The answer is not me, your health coach.  I bet you thought I would say I am the one who will keep you on track to your goals.  Nope.  Not me.  I wish I could, my job would be easier and more simple.  But it is you.  You are the one who gets you back on track.  "Why did I hire a Health Coach?" you may ask.  Your health coach is your tool bag. Your google.  Your cheerleader.  If I have done my job, you are keeping a journal.  Your journal is your GPS.  It tracks where you have been, the detours, the alternate routes, the destination, and the scenic routes.  When we go off course we can continue in the same direction and hope we find our way, or we can pull over and look at the map.  First find out where you are by looking at where you have been and where you are going.  Then look at how you got where you are now.  It is much easier to start where you left off than starting all over.  But the longer you wait the more difficult it is to get started again.  And if you still aren't sure, give your health coach a call.  We have lots of great tools and advice for the lost.  : )

Determine your destination.  Plot your route.  Get back on track if you stray.  Enjoy the journey.

Missy Martin Health Coach

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