What Missy's Clients are saying...

I had never worked with a health coach before. With Missy, it felt more like meeting with a knowledgeable and encouraging friend. Thanks to her motivation and good advice on health/life balance I have lost around 15 pounds over 6 months or so and I now actually have some muscle definition! All while still enjoying life, and not "dieting" or feeling like I am limiting myself. If you are looking for someone to teach, motivate or help you be more healthy in all areas of life, I strongly recommend meeting with Missy.

Becci B. 
Stacy D.Financial Advisor 

Missy is the best health coach I’ve worked with. She understands the everyday life of a busy professional and keeps it “real.” I highly recommend Missy for anyone with a weight loss stall or other issues. I’ve referred her to friends that couldn’t have things like dairy. She goes out of her way to give recipes and tips. She’s the perfect health coach for the busy professional woman.

I am a Certified Life Coach but wanted to work with Missy because of her area of expertise. I had some health and weight loss goals but was stuck. After utilizing Missy as a Wellness Coach, I implemented her ideas and got unstuck and on-track! Missy gives practical - easy to implement steps - to help you reach your goals and get healthier. Plus, she is fun to work with! I am continuing to learn with Missy and plan to utilize her coaching skills again.

Paula O. 
Meghan H. College Professor

I was always very excited to work with Missy because she was so positive and uplifting. She helped me set realistic nutrition and exercise goals and encouraged me to reach them. I would recommend Missy to anyone who wants to improve their health!

She was great and really listened to my dietary problems as well as time restraints and was quickly able to fix one of my immediate problems. We discussed my overall health and she gave me some additional pointers which were easy to implement. She does things in a logical and approachable way making it more manageable for a person to take some immediate baby steps for their health.

Sativa B. 
Attorney at Law
Tim L. Commercial Photographer

I was not at all reluctant to work with a coach since, as I age, I am becoming more health conscious; but I had never met one before Missy. Her very open and friendly personality and massive knowledge of her field have made it quite easy to gain the knowledge I am seeking. It seems that there is no question I ask for which she doesn't have an instant and detailed answer as well as references to further resources. She is massively well informed. Missy is an outstanding guide and cheerleader in this journey and a much appreciated friend as well.