No More Seaonal Allergies


For most of my life I have suffered from seasonal allergies.  I tried daily over the counter allergy medications and prescription allergy medications and many times, I just suffered through by carrying a box of tissue and apologies for all of my sneezing.  About 3 years ago I began to regularly practice yoga.  I continued to take an over the counter allergy medicine because that was part of my daily routine.  Around the same time I decided to double my vegetable intake.  My bottle of allergy medication ran out and I forgot to buy more.  Next thing I knew, a month had gone by with no allergies and no allergy medication.  I didn't praise yoga and the better diet at first, I assumed my allergens were just not "in season".  Then another month and another month go by-still no allergies.  After looking back over the last 3 years I realize that I have only been sick or had allergies a couple of times and those times were when my time was spent stressed, worried, and my diet and yoga practice were the first things I sacrificed.  Many would say the stress caused my allergies and my illness, but I am sure it was yoga and a healthy diet that kept me at the peak of my health and when I slacked off in those areas of my life, so the stress and illness were able to get to me.  A regular exercise routine is defender against stress and illness.  Eating healthy foods and avoiding toxins and chemicals as much as possible also build my defenses against stress and illness.  There will always be things that are not good for you no matter your environment, but reducing the ones that are the most harmful or the easiest to avoid is how I choose to fight off illness and stress.  It is always easier to avoid problems than to deal with and fix problems that could have been avoided.

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