It’s not me, it’s you. A Letter To Every Diet Out There.


We need to talk.

You keep making promises you don't keep.  You tease me with marketing and unrealistic results and testimonials from people who succeeded.  I don't know why I keep taking you back, believing your lies, and getting disappointed.  I have come to the point where I plan my disappointment for when I fail you again.


You are all the same.  DIfferent packages, promises, and lengths; different celebrities, experts and regular Joe's, but all the same after only a few short weeks or even days.

So why do I keep buying into the promise?

Why do I believe you this time?

Because this time there is a fail-proof system, it's easy, it's quick, I can eat what I want, just take a pill, I won't feel hungry, I'll just drink a shake, I will have more energy, just do the workout twice.

But I don't.

The pill doesn't work, I still feel hungry, The shake makes me sick, and that contraption or the DVD is just plain crazy.

So, I fail.

I have tried every version of you out there.


Then I realize........


You all have something in common.  You say, "Use my magic product," then add the little note in small letters, *Do this program along with a healthy diet and regular exercise for best results.  How about I JUST do the healthy diet and exercise.  How about I move my body and eat real food.  How about I do it my way, my terms, my diet--not yours.  I know My body knows more than you, so it is over between me and you and every diet out there.


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