Happy reNEWal Year!

I think I will begin my "new year" planning this month.

I know we are just over the halfway hump of 2014, but I am feeling the need for renewal like the new year brings. It is back to school time and a new year for all the students. We have great (sometimes a little hot) weather to get outside to walk, ride, or play, and we have the wonderful harvest time at the markets. THIS is the time to renew and start big things, right?


OK, I said it, and now I have to do it. But I'm feeling bogged down. Summer daycare costs pushed my budget to it's limit. Later sunsets pushed dinner later and somehow added late night snacks and fun drinks into my evening. We seemed to order in or make convenience foods more than I would like to admit this summer which has added a little cushion to our midsections.

Meanwhile, I am on the fast track to growing my business and retiring my husband. But, I am not to the "WOO-HOO lots of extra income" part as much as the "Oh Boy lots of extra work and not much time for me" part.

So I sit here thinking how I can make this month my reNEWal month. My month of planning out big growth and development for my home, my self, and my business.

I will do the thing that most coaches do when trying to figure things out.....I ask myself what advice I would give my client with this situation and desire.

My coaching hat is on and I have turned the tables.

This is where I ask myself all my coachy questions.

    • What does your day look like when it is running perfectly for your personal life, business life, and home life?
    • What are you doing now that is working well and in alignment with your perfect day?
    • What are you doing now that is NOT working well and NOT in alignment with your perfect day?
    • What can you delete from your day without causing burden but rather bring peace or reduce stress?
    • What can you do today and everyday that will make the next day a little easier?
    • What can you do tomorrow or some other time in the future instead of today to make your life a little easier?

Just answer the questions....be sure to write down your answers....then read through and see if you can make any changes either in action or perception for your life.

I plan to answer these and dig deep to create my plan for renewal. I will keep you updated to what I come up with. I hope you don't mind me sharing my trials and processes with you.

If you skimmed this and made it to here I'd like to summarize that I am declaring September 1st ReNEWal Year Day. Instead of New Year Resolutions I suggest Renewal Year Results and Reconfiguration.

Imagine how on top of things we will be come January 1st 2015.

I promise to show you my plan next week. I would love it if you shared yours with me. Or just your answers to my "coachy questions". I feel like there should be a countdown to the end of August now. Maybe a big pumpkin dropping or something.

Keep it simple.


P.S. There are less than 2 weeks left in August, so if you want to start fresh September 1st, start planning now.

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