Diet Ads Debunked

Drop 15 Pounds this month!   Flat Sexy Abs!  30 Day Total Body Transformation!   Torch Mega Calories in 15 Minutes!   Tone Your Trouble Zones!

If only the advertisers were as good and creating good health as they are at promoting easy ways to look thin. I see these ads and it really frustrates me. So many of my clients bring me a laundry list of all these kind of weight-loss miracles that did not work for them. And they feel like failures or like they didn't try hard enough.

WRONG! Oh so wrong.

I hate that these "simple solutions" make you work your butt off, don't show much results AND leave you feeling like you should have "tried harder" or that nothing will ever work for you. Let me tell you a little secret. Those companies want you to spend money.

I know, duh, right?

But they really don't care at all if you get healthier or lose weight or firm up. Why should they? If you figure out how to do that then they lose you as a customer.

So, you may wonder why some of these programs actually work.

Well, you may not like my answer, but it is based on the placebo effect. Yep, it is not the products, it is just in your head.

Ready for my solution for you to do it without the products and promises that cost you money, are confusing and require tons of effort?

  • First, write down What your goal is and Why. The “why” is the heavy part of that. My most successful clients are successful because of the “why” and many don’t even really have a very defined “what”.
  • Second, decide what you think is the right kind and amount of foods to eat. Not what you read or what someone else says, listen to your body. What foods make you feel good during and after eating them? How many times a day do you really feel like you should eat? How big should each meal be?
  • Third, what do you enjoy doing that is active? Walking? Riding a bike? Playing a sport? Work the things you enjoy doing into your schedule. This is a great way to exercise without feeling like you are exercising. Also, a great way to manage stress.
  • Speaking of stress, Forth, is managing stress. Let me tell you that everyone has stress. And, different levels for different reasons. What you need to do is find a few relaxing activities that allow your body, mind and soul to rejuvenate. I like yoga, taking a bath, getting a massage and reading. Mmmmm, those make me feel god and allow my mind and my muscles to just let go.

Even with these 4 steps you may still need a little more help. That is ok. Find a friend or partner to support you with your goals. Be sure it is someone you can share you “why” with. Then, have them keep you accountable. Check in with you daily and weekly goals. Celebrate your success no matter how big or small. And adjust what you are doing to do more of what works and adjust or get rid of what doesn’t.

So, are you ready to skip the magazine ad promises and make your own goals?

Let me know what your goals are and why. Comment below and share them with me. If you feel like you are ready to get serious and hire a coach then give me a call to set up a strategy session and let’s chat about it. Most people start with a two month commitment to work with me. I would love to show you how to Simplify Your Health.

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