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The word Detox is all over the place right now. Dr. Oz has talked about the benefits of
detoxifying the body. It seems like everyone has a new detox product on the market these days. Do we really need to detox? What are we detoxing, anyway?

Toxins are everywhere. From pollutions to poisons to stress, they are all toxic to the
body. The good news is that our bodies can handle it; well unless it gets overloaded.

Your body is constantly cleaning itself using your vital systems and organs such as the liver, the colon, and the kidneys. These important organs do a great job of protecting our body by filtering and disposing of the bad stuff and keeping the good stuff for our health. If we live a life that is not highly exposed to toxins then these organs do a fine job on their own our whole life.

But most of us are exposed to so many toxins that we overload our natural
defenses and they get bogged down. With enough rest and time they will catch up, but most of us live in a fast-paced world and want to hurry that process along. Ironically, that fast pace is probably what is causing the bog down.

There are many things we can do daily to keep our bodies flushing out the toxins
regularly. Drinking plenty of clean water, getting plenty of rest and sleep, moving our bodies to stimulate our bodies systems, chewing food longer, breathing slower and through our nose, and the list goes on. Being aware of all that goes into our bodies is important but many times not considered. We are surrounded by cleaning chemicals that we use to clean our body, our homes, our clothes and our offices. We put chemicals on our lawns, in our homes, in our cars, on our farms, in our food products and packaging and on and on. Then we have the constant stresses in our lives. Work, kids, relationships, reality TV, traffic, money, scheduling, weather, etc. So what do we need to do, the basics to controlling all these toxins?

Start with simple steps such as drinking water first thing in the morning. Your body is working hard while you sleep rebuilding, building defenses and cleansing. Drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning will start you off replenished rather than depleted. Next, think about your breathing. Each breath should be slow and even and using your nose. Your nose is your body's air filter and humidifier. Effective breathing, meaning even and slow breaths, calms the body and the mind. Filling the lungs with air is a great energy booster and exhaling completely is a great way to expel toxins. Do you remember biology and how the lungs and the heart work to oxygenate the body and clean the blood?

Eating clean foods is a great way to give your body nutrients without making it work hard. Eating a packaged food filled with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives puts a lot of strain on your digestive system and doesn't result in much, if any, nutrients for your body. Getting active, like walking or exercising, gets those systems moving and doing their jobs. Have you noticed that your nose will run a little more after a quick sprint up some stairs? Your body is cleaning out some toxins. For those who suffer with constipation, you may have noticed that moving your body, like dancing or walking or yoga will help get things moving. Your body is filled with cleansing systems, be sure they are functioning.

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Of course, before you start any detox or new diet, be sure to check with your trusted physician first. you can email me any questions you have or ask on my Facebook Page here.

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Some simple detox tips:

1-Plan at least 3 hours to shop, chop, and prepare foods for the detox period

2-Fill a giant pitcher or jug full of water, ice, lemons and/or cucumbers and drink it all daylong.

3-Eat protein foods (hard boiled eggs or grilled clean meat portions, nuts, or beans) if you feel really hungry

4-Move slower; walk instead of run, yoga instead of Zumba, slow circuit weight training over pushing hard.

5-Stop eating after dinner and only drink water

6-Go to bed early and take naps when you can squeeze them in.

7-Continue to take your multi-vitamin with food.

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