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Missy’s Healthy Holidays


FREE – Healthy Holidays Transform Your Holidays!


Monday November 25th marks the start of our FREE Holiday Event! We will transform our holiday season together and start the New Year out right!


Do you want to join us? It is FREE and we are all participants.


We can all do it our own way. All you have to do is set goals and be accountable for your actions and progress at least once a week.


Goals should include:


  • Nutrition (adding in at least one healthy food per week)
  • Exercise (a minimum of 30 minutes 6 days a week)
  • Gratitude (take the time to be grateful for at least 3 things in your life daily)
  • Giving (challenge yourself to give without expectation of reciprocation once daily)


Nutrition Don’t be hard on yourself this holiday season. Our goal is to simply add in one healthy whole food each week. Enjoy your holiday traditions and don’t eat beyond what feels good to you.


Exercise Resolve to get at least 30 minutes of good healthy exercise in each day (with one day of rest). You will feel better through the holidays. Exercise is good for depression, weight maintenance and your general health.


Gratitude List 3 things that you are grateful for each day. By focusing on gratitude, we see our lives from a different perspective. Instead of seeing what is going wrong, we see the more important picture of what is right in our lives.


Giving You don’t have to brag about your giving, but if someone gives and it turns out to be really special, share it with us. You may also want to include it as a part of your goal. In prior years, my goal was to give without cost; it does not have to be an expensive gift, just thoughtful and meaningful.


Do you know anyone who is struggling through the holidays? Invite them along!

Please click on the “Secret Facebook Group” page that you can be invited to if you would like to be involved!

Click the link below or email me to join in, this will be fun! Share this with your friends!




Do you need a coach?

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I am the "" for you and your diet.

Your doctor gives you a prescription, your Health Coach gives you a plan.

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Recipe: Root Vegetables

Recipe of the Month: Roasted Root Vegetables

The roots of any plant are its anchor and foundation; they are the essential parts that support and nourish the plant. Root vegetables lend these properties to us when we eat them, making us feel physically and mentally grounded and rooted, increasing our stability, stamina and endurance. Roots are a rich source of nutritious complex carbohydrates, providing a steady source of necessary sugars to the body. Instead of upsetting blood sugar levels like refined sweet foods, they regulate them. Since they absorb, assimilate and supply plants with vital nutrients, roots likewise increase absorption and assimilation in our digestive tracts.

Long roots, like burdock, carrots, parsnips and daikon radish, are excellent blood purifiers and can help improve circulation in the body and increase mental clarity . Round roots, like turnips, radishes, beets and rutabagas, are nourishing to the stomach, spleen, pancreas and reproductive organs and can help regulate blood sugar and moods, and alleviate cravings.

Roasted Root Vegetables

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 25-35 minutes

Yield: 4-6 servings



1 sweet potato

2 parsnips

2 carrots

2 turnips or 1 large rutabaga

1 daikon radish (or substitute/add in your favorites, like squash)

olive oil

salt and pepper

herbs: rosemary, thyme or sage (fresh if possible)



1.   Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2.   Wash and chop all vegetables into large bite-sized pieces.

3.   Place in a large baking dish with sides.

4.   Drizzle with olive oil; mix well to coat each vegetable lightly with oil.

5.   Sprinkle with salt, pepper and herbs.

6.   Bake uncovered for 25-35 minutes until vegetables are tender and golden brown, checking every 10 minutes to stir and make sure veggies are not sticking.

Note: Any combination of vegetables will work. Roasting only one kind of vegetable also makes a nice side dish.


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Running out of time in the day?

clock            Time Management

Have you ever wished for a few more hours in the day? Why is it that some people seem to get everything done effortlessly and others feel that time constantly eludes them? The secret to managing your time well isn’t working more hours. It is about prioritizing the important things and learning to use the time you have more efficiently and effectively. The secret is working smarter, not harder.


Some of us, by nature, organize and get tasks out of the way before we relax, while others of us play first and work later. It is important to first recognize which type you are and whether your style is allowing you to have the life you really want. Maybe you are super-organized at work, but burned out because you don’t know how to make time for yourself. Maybe you are naturally a less organized person who knows how to relax, but you are dissatisfied because you aren’t fulfilling your goals and dreams.


Rather than labeling yourself or beating yourself up, realize that time management is an area of your life that you can strengthen. Like a new muscle, it takes practice and repetition to make it stronger. To help you get started, here are some steps to streamline your days at work and at home. Try the first one or two that jump out at you:


  • Allocate time for planning and organizing.
  • Create to-do lists that are realistic, not intimidating. Use only one to-do list.
  • Under-schedule your time: Leave time for the unexpected and for interruptions. When you estimate how long something will take, add on a third of that time.
  • Schedule your time in a way that reduces interruptions that lower your productivity.
  • Practice the art of intelligent neglect: Eliminate trivial tasks.
  • Prioritize what is most important and do that first.
  • Consider your biological prime time: At what time of day do you work best? Plan to do your most important work at that time.
  • If you say yes to everything that comes your way, learn to say no.
  • Ask for help and delegate.
  • In the evening make your to-do list for the next day, so it will be out of your brain and on a piece of paper. Leave work with a clear head and a clean desk.
  • Acknowledge yourself daily for all that you have accomplished.


Also take a look at the two biggest hindrances to using time effectively: procrastinating and lacking purpose. We usually procrastinate when a task seems too daunting, too large or too complex, or when we feel we won’t be able to handle it. When you get that “deer in the headlights” feeling, try “chunking”: break the large task into smaller, manageable action steps and start with the first one. We also often drag our heels or use our time inefficiently because we are bored, unengaged and uninspired. The most effective people will tell you that they love what they do and are aligned with a greater purpose. When it comes to managing your time, you may need to ask the larger questions, “Am I doing what I love to do? Am I doing something meaningful to me?”


As you strengthen your new time management muscle, keep your focus on getting organized so that you can live the life you came here for. Instead of being a chore, good time management can be your ticket to more fun, greater satisfaction and a vibrant, exciting life.


Tie Your Shoes

The other day my husband noticed the way one of the kids was tying his shoes. He asked him to show him again slower and called me over to watch. The technique was new

to both of us, but the laces were tied up in a bow and looked the same as any other tied laces. The goal was to have the laces tied; the journey was the tying of the laces. No one really notices how someone ties their shoes, they only notice whether or not they are tied. Once you find a way to tie your laces, you usually stick with that method because it works. You don’t care about efficiency, political correctness, cool factor; just that the laces get tied.

One person may go to the gym every morning at 5:30 to stay fit. Another might sleep in until the last minute then play sports after work every day. Both manage to stay fit (the goal), yet their methods are different (the journey). Which way is the right way? Which is the best? Both are right. Both are the best. But I would imagine if the two people swapped what they do with each other, they would not do as well.

Tie-shoes Find the method that works for you. Just like tying shoe laces, we can use another persons technique and get to the same destination, but when you are stressed or rushed, you will resort to the technique that is familiar to you and not the one your are copying from someone else. If you want to change your technique, it takes a lot of practice--make room for mistakes and setbacks. It takes a while to learn to tie your shoelaces, but it takes longer to learn the habit of tying them differently. You may also learn that someone else’s way is not your best or right way.

No, you don't have to be set in your old ways. If you choose to make a change in a habit, know that habits are difficult to break. Give yourself some room to grow and change and make mistakes. Start small with plenty of forgiveness. And my favorite bit of advice when it comes to making a change or adding something new is to reward yourself like a kindergartner! Reward yourself for efforts not just accomplishments. One client was trying to cut out pop from his diet after 20 years of drinking 5+ every day. He was down to 1 a day for several weeks and then called me to tell me he failed big time and drank 6 in one day! I said, just one day? How many did you drink the other days this week? He said 1/2 to 1 a day the rest of the week. Gold Stars to him because he was still WAY under the 5 a day habit he wanted to break when you average out for the week!!

Don't get tripped up with minor setbacks. Set a goal, plan your journey, re-route or start over if the journey is wrong. What is your next goal ?

Stay In Your Lane

You know those grooves on the shoulder of the highway?  When your car gets too close to the shoulder of the road, those bumps are the indicators that you are beginning roadto go outside your lane.  Ideally you slowly drift back into your lane.  But, some people continue off into the ditch.  It is much easier to ease back into the lane from the shoulder than from the ditch.  And, in most cases, there are no adverse effects to running over the shoulder grooves.  But after a visit to the ditch, damage is very likely. I see this same thing happen at the gym.  A few weeks of workouts right on track, the goal is getting closer, the uncertainties of the terrain become familiar, then theres is a distraction.  We drift off of our route a little.  If you have GPS guiding you, it will automatically reroute you back on track.  But who reroutes you when you miss a turn on your diet?  Where are the noisy shoulder grooves when you miss a few days of exercise?  Where are the directions when your workload doubles and you are over-scheduled?


The answer is not me, your health coach.  I bet you thought I would say I am the one who will keep you on track to your goals.  Nope.  Not me.  I wish I could, my job would be easier and more simple.  But it is you.  You are the one who gets you back on track.  "Why did I hire a Health Coach?" you may ask.  Your health coach is your tool bag. Your google.  Your cheerleader.  If I have done my job, you are keeping a journal.  Your journal is your GPS.  It tracks where you have been, the detours, the alternate routes, the destination, and the scenic routes.  When we go off course we can continue in the same direction and hope we find our way, or we can pull over and look at the map.  First find out where you are by looking at where you have been and where you are going.  Then look at how you got where you are now.  It is much easier to start where you left off than starting all over.  But the longer you wait the more difficult it is to get started again.  And if you still aren't sure, give your health coach a call.  We have lots of great tools and advice for the lost.  : )

Determine your destination.  Plot your route.  Get back on track if you stray.  Enjoy the journey.

Missy Martin Health Coach

Great Summer Snacks For All Ages

           Summer time brings warm weather, outdoor activities, smaller clothes, weekend getaways and awesome foods.  I love that the farmers markets are active and full of great healthy foods!  This is a great time to try new foods and get into the habit of preparing snacks for picnics and road trips.  Here are some things I always make sure I have on hand:

Nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits,  raw veggies, nut butters, water bottles, salad fixings, berries, lemons, limes, fresh herbs, beans, popcorn.
            For a fun snack idea, try what my family does.  I put out a smorgasbord of trail mix options and have the kids make their own trail mix.  I try to have at least 7 options for them.  My family’s favorites are air popped popcorn, stick pretzels, dried bananas, craisens, almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, chocolate chips, cheese crackers.  It doesn't all have to be healthy because everyone gets a variety.
       I do the same thing for salads.  I put out ready to go salad ingredients and everyone makes their own salad.  I chop up carrots, cucumbers, different greens, tomatoes, olives, berries, avocados, fresh peas, green beans, peppers, zucchini, radishes.  Whatever you like!  I like to put sunflower seeds and chopped nuts out for salad toppings.  Prepared the toppings ahead of time for a fun and healthy meal or snack.  This can be done with tacos, baked potatoes, smoothies, the list goes on!  Make meals and snacks fun by giving lots of options and getting the whole family involved.  We don’t go out to eat often, but when we do my family is usually disappointed with the limited options at the restaurants salad bar.
       One more fun and inexpensive summer tip; find a local pick-and-take farm where you can go pick you own food.  Whether you pick fruit or berries or vegetables, it is so much fun to fill up bags and buckets to take home!
            Happy snacking!