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Detox and Declutter Workshop

I am excited to lead the Detox & Declutter Workshop at Bar Cardio Fitness Studio on March 25th (8:30-10am). [register here:]

The Detox workshop has always been my most attended and loved workshop. The intention is to make a short term commitment to detox your diet so that you have a clean slate so to speak. Our bodies can build up junk and toxins in our day to day lives. A gentle detoxification can help keep your body running efficiently and even gain strength against colds and illnesses and injuries everyone encounters from time to time.

The second half of the workshop we will talk about Decluttering. Most of the time we think about TV shows like Hoarders, or we think of kitchen and closet organization systems when we think of decluttering, but in this workshop we will talk more about things that get in your way of making healthy choices, creating good habits, and planning ahead so you are in charge of your health instead of feeling frazzled and deprived.

What can expect to take away from the workshop:

  • A Book of Detox Recipes
  • A 2-week customized diet plan
  • Simple and easy tips to declutter
  • Fun company in a relaxed environment (Maybe even Mimosas)

The cost is $20 plus about an hour and a half of your time March 25th from 8:30 to 10am.

Looking forward to seeing you there!  Space is limited, so be sure to register and pay in advance to hold your spot!


Below is the link to register for fitness classes and workshops held at the Bar Cardio Studio.

Planning Meals and the Chaos Hour

More than anything else, I get asked about meal planning. So few people actually plan their family's meals ahead of time. For many, there is this chaos in the evening as mom comes in from work or picking up kids where back packs and briefcases are getting put away and papers are needing signed, homework is getting done.....the chaos hour! Meanwhile, the fridge and pantry are getting opened and ransacked in hopes some easy and delicious meal will be ready to throw together.

I have bought several meal plans from meal planning experts. I have also sat down to plan a month of meals to meet my tight budget and spent hours just figuring out what to make, the grocery list, and the cost. I would love to say I found the perfect solution. But I haven't. And many evenings are just like I described when I started. We end up heating a bag of frozen vegetables and throwing some burger patties on the indoor grill.

Here is what I have learned over the last 20 years of meal planning. Most people cook/eat the same 5-15 meals over and over again. Healthy or not, they are easy to make and please the most people so they get used over and over. Some examples in my home are: Spaghetti, tacos, fajitas, beef and broccoli, burgers, shrimp fried rice.

From my clients, the list is more like; frozen lasagna, pizza delivery, sloppy Joes, frozen meals, mac and cheese. It is clear to me that most folks want something easy and in less than 30 minutes.

I have tried many new recipes that the whole family likes, but some meals just don't get made again and again. And there are some that the kids complain we make too often, but they are easy and familiar so they stay.

Here are some tips to make your meal planning simple and to avoid the 6 o'clock chaos.

First: Make a list of the meals you cook over and over again.

Second: List what ingredients you need to make those meals.

Third: Write out how long it takes to make each meal and if it leaves any leftovers.

You want meal plans so your dinner hour is less stressed and more healthy. So find ways to add some healthiness to the list of meals you already make. For example: add a salad, add an extra side of mixed veggies, use half the cream sauce, bake instead of fry.

To add some variety, add a new recipe every other week. To make the hour less crazy, plan the meals for upcoming week before the week starts. For me, I do this on Sunday afternoon. I pull out my calendar for the week ahead, I do a quick visual inventory of my fridge, freezer and pantry, and then I sit down to plan the week.

On the nights we have a lot going on and we may not all sit down to eat together, I plan to have sandwiches or something from the crock pot. On the nights we have no plans, I try to make a big dinner with leftovers. In the fall, I plan more stews and soups and use my crockpot quite a bit. In the summer we will grill up dinner a couple nights a week. I try to only use the oven when the house is cool.

The best way to plan meals is to just sit down and plan them. Make the time and think ahead when you aren't feeling rushed. And don't feel bad if you don't stick to the plan exactly. Most weeks I rearrange a few meals for some reason or another, but it is easier to rearrange plans than to come up with plans from nothing while everyone is cranky and hungry.

Do you have meal planning tips?  Comment below, I would love to hear them!

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Making Mistakes

For so much of my life I was afraid to make mistakes.

Afraid to look dumb.

Afraid to not know the right answer.

But since becoming an entrepreneur I realized that I just have to put myself out there and when I make mistakes, I make sure I learn from them.

It's a tough lesson for the lifelong perfectionist. It gets easier as I go because I put myself out there which gives me more opportunities. So it’s basically a numbers game.

For years I was trying to give 100%. I would work, learn, try, analyze, yada-yada, until I finally put it away because it “wasn’t good enough” or I put it out there and it was a win. I would guess, looking back, that I threw away about 95% of my great ideas and work only putting out there about 5%. The 5% was my best work, but even after feeling successful I found flaws and ways to improve it.

As time went by and I saw how others were just pumping out content and products and ideas I realized that I had just as many, if not more great ideas. But I didn’t put them out there. I was too worried about getting it just right.

Putting yourself out there is HARD.

Allowing others to see your work is SCARY.

Getting out of your comfort zone is UNCOMFORTABLE.

But it gets easier.......And it builds Strength........ And Confidence......... And Grace.

Back to the numbers game, I learned to play the odds with my offerings. I get an idea, I create something, I offer it and it is a big hit! Or it is a big flop. But it is out there. Then I get another idea. And I create another something. And I offer it. Over and over again. Increasing my odds of success by a whole lot. Also, increasing my odds of a flop.

But creating flops is part of creating success. From the flops I find more details I need to focus on. I learn where more problems tend to linger. I gain more confidence. I gain a broader perspective.

Another big “AHA” I found is to surround myself with others who seem to be fearless.

They probably are not fearless, just full of passion and Ideas. They may see me as fearless. We are each others catalyst.

Stop being afraid. That is my point here. No-- Stop letting fear win. Use the fear to push you through and get you to that scary place. Once you are there, the fear is conquered. And you gain even more strength.

My silly secret when I am struggling with the fear of making a mistake—-I just look ahead to the future as if I am on TV with a famous talk show host and we are looking back at my blooper reel. You don’t get on that show until you make it and EVERYONE who makes it has a blooper reel.

Happy reNEWal Year!

I think I will begin my "new year" planning this month.

I know we are just over the halfway hump of 2014, but I am feeling the need for renewal like the new year brings. It is back to school time and a new year for all the students. We have great (sometimes a little hot) weather to get outside to walk, ride, or play, and we have the wonderful harvest time at the markets. THIS is the time to renew and start big things, right?

OK, I said it, and now I have to do it. But I'm feeling bogged down. Summer daycare costs pushed my budget to it's limit. Later sunsets pushed dinner later and somehow added late night snacks and fun drinks into my evening. We seemed to order in or make convenience foods more than I would like to admit this summer which has added a little cushion to our midsections.

Meanwhile, I am on the fast track to growing my business and retiring my husband. But, I am not to the "WOO-HOO lots of extra income" part as much as the "Oh Boy lots of extra work and not much time for me" part.

So I sit here thinking how I can make this month my reNEWal month. My month of planning out big growth and development for my home, my self, and my business.

I will do the thing that most coaches do when trying to figure things out.....I ask myself what advice I would give my client with this situation and desire.

My coaching hat is on and I have turned the tables.

This is where I ask myself all my coachy questions.

    • What does your day look like when it is running perfectly for your personal life, business life, and home life?
    • What are you doing now that is working well and in alignment with your perfect day?
    • What are you doing now that is NOT working well and NOT in alignment with your perfect day?
    • What can you delete from your day without causing burden but rather bring peace or reduce stress?
    • What can you do today and everyday that will make the next day a little easier?
    • What can you do tomorrow or some other time in the future instead of today to make your life a little easier?

Just answer the sure to write down your answers....then read through and see if you can make any changes either in action or perception for your life.

I plan to answer these and dig deep to create my plan for renewal. I will keep you updated to what I come up with. I hope you don't mind me sharing my trials and processes with you.

If you skimmed this and made it to here I'd like to summarize that I am declaring September 1st ReNEWal Year Day. Instead of New Year Resolutions I suggest Renewal Year Results and Reconfiguration.

Imagine how on top of things we will be come January 1st 2015.

I promise to show you my plan next week. I would love it if you shared yours with me. Or just your answers to my "coachy questions". I feel like there should be a countdown to the end of August now. Maybe a big pumpkin dropping or something.

Keep it simple.


P.S. There are less than 2 weeks left in August, so if you want to start fresh September 1st, start planning now.

Detox Basics

Info to keep in mind...

The word Detox is all over the place right now. Dr. Oz has talked about the benefits of
detoxifying the body. It seems like everyone has a new detox product on the market these days. Do we really need to detox? What are we detoxing, anyway?

Toxins are everywhere. From pollutions to poisons to stress, they are all toxic to the
body. The good news is that our bodies can handle it; well unless it gets overloaded.

Your body is constantly cleaning itself using your vital systems and organs such as the liver, the colon, and the kidneys. These important organs do a great job of protecting our body by filtering and disposing of the bad stuff and keeping the good stuff for our health. If we live a life that is not highly exposed to toxins then these organs do a fine job on their own our whole life.

But most of us are exposed to so many toxins that we overload our natural
defenses and they get bogged down. With enough rest and time they will catch up, but most of us live in a fast-paced world and want to hurry that process along. Ironically, that fast pace is probably what is causing the bog down.

There are many things we can do daily to keep our bodies flushing out the toxins
regularly. Drinking plenty of clean water, getting plenty of rest and sleep, moving our bodies to stimulate our bodies systems, chewing food longer, breathing slower and through our nose, and the list goes on. Being aware of all that goes into our bodies is important but many times not considered. We are surrounded by cleaning chemicals that we use to clean our body, our homes, our clothes and our offices. We put chemicals on our lawns, in our homes, in our cars, on our farms, in our food products and packaging and on and on. Then we have the constant stresses in our lives. Work, kids, relationships, reality TV, traffic, money, scheduling, weather, etc. So what do we need to do, the basics to controlling all these toxins?

Start with simple steps such as drinking water first thing in the morning. Your body is working hard while you sleep rebuilding, building defenses and cleansing. Drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning will start you off replenished rather than depleted. Next, think about your breathing. Each breath should be slow and even and using your nose. Your nose is your body's air filter and humidifier. Effective breathing, meaning even and slow breaths, calms the body and the mind. Filling the lungs with air is a great energy booster and exhaling completely is a great way to expel toxins. Do you remember biology and how the lungs and the heart work to oxygenate the body and clean the blood?

Eating clean foods is a great way to give your body nutrients without making it work hard. Eating a packaged food filled with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives puts a lot of strain on your digestive system and doesn't result in much, if any, nutrients for your body. Getting active, like walking or exercising, gets those systems moving and doing their jobs. Have you noticed that your nose will run a little more after a quick sprint up some stairs? Your body is cleaning out some toxins. For those who suffer with constipation, you may have noticed that moving your body, like dancing or walking or yoga will help get things moving. Your body is filled with cleansing systems, be sure they are functioning.

My July Express Detox Workshop was a great success with lots of folks losing a few pounds, a few inches from their waistline, and overall feeling better. If you would like to attend the next Express Detox Workshop click here to register.

Of course, before you start any detox or new diet, be sure to check with your trusted physician first. you can email me any questions you have or ask on my Facebook Page here.

Call me when you are ready to Simplify Your Health.


Some simple detox tips:

1-Plan at least 3 hours to shop, chop, and prepare foods for the detox period

2-Fill a giant pitcher or jug full of water, ice, lemons and/or cucumbers and drink it all daylong.

3-Eat protein foods (hard boiled eggs or grilled clean meat portions, nuts, or beans) if you feel really hungry

4-Move slower; walk instead of run, yoga instead of Zumba, slow circuit weight training over pushing hard.

5-Stop eating after dinner and only drink water

6-Go to bed early and take naps when you can squeeze them in.

7-Continue to take your multi-vitamin with food.

I Can’t Do It All!

I feel like I get all the never-ending jobs at home. The dishes, the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping and the planning. This ship is smooth sailing, but with a lot of effort.

There once was a time that I took great pride in how together my home ran. Like a well oiled machine. Like a brand new car. But now if feels more like an old Buick with 300,000, miles. It certainly isn’t pretty anymore. And no matter how clean it is, it still looks messy. What happened?

I just want a break.

I NEED a break.

I’ve been a mom for 18 years. In the beginning it was beautiful. It started when I was pregnant. I would plan out the meals for the week, write out the grocery list, clean the house from top to bottom every day. I knew what bills were due when and they were paid with plenty of time to spare.

I was the one that brought the amazing salad and deviled eggs to every BBQ or friendly get together. I was able to find the best sales, and second-hand stores to keep my home on the tight budget; I kept it meticulously. I had every detail covered. It was simply beautiful.

But these days it is different. I have six kids living in three homes who are all into sports and activities. Schedules are never consistent and there are always last minutes disasters and events. I sometimes forget to pay a bill and get a late notice. It seems that the low fuel light is always on when I am running late and have a dozen places to be. And the fridge is always filled with what once was a healthy vegetable but is past edible and on the slimy side (sorry, gross, I know).

Our budget is not near as tight and thank goodness because I have no idea what sales are going on and I usually shop at the very last minute for clothes and supplies that the family knows they need but don't tell me until the last minute. I just want some help.

This whole mom thing was so much easier when we had no money and I had no dreams outside of creating a loving home.

I took for granted that it was easy because it was my whole life. It was NOT easy.

Plus, I was in my early 20’s and my dreams consisted of a healthy baby or two, a happy husband, a clean and organized home with maybe a full nights sleep once in a while.

Today my dreams are filled with running my business, supporting my husbands dreams, kids who are responsible, caring, and independent, wine once in a while, sushi a little more often, and a clean sink.

When I think back to how good it felt to be living my dream with my tiny and healthy babies and my small but organized home I wonder how that felt so damn good then and now it is not enough.

I want more.

I want both worlds.

And there is my problem.

I can’t get all the jobs done in my two lives-two worlds. I must choose or find a compromise. I don’t want to compromise.

I LOVE my current dream. My dream 20 years ago was great, but I did it, I created it, and quite well I might add.

Then a few major life changes occurred and I went from living my dream to just trying to survive. To be quite honest, in hindsight I can see that my dream changed and so did my world but my day-to-day did not. That was when life started getting hairy and struggles really kicked in. I felt lost and left behind.

I noticed friends and coworkers who seemed to have the perfect life-and it wasn’t what I thought a perfect life looked like. They we’re creating and growing and exploring. They didn’t care about diapers or dishes or PTA.

They had a life that seemed to be for them, not others. I wanted that, but felt it was selfish.

It is a strange thing to hold yourself to different standards than others and not think it is egotistical.

I didn’t judge them for not putting their family first, but I judged myself for dreaming of that life. I don’t recall wondering if they were once like me where their family and home came first. But I am sure it is part of "growing up", of becoming you.

So, how do they let that old world go and grasp the new world so eloquently?

How do they change who they are and what their dreams look like and still keep all the good stuff?

I ask myself these questions and I wonder if I am the only one who is stuck in between dreams due to an anchor to a lovely life built in the past and an unsure future filled with excitement, dreams and a lot more work?

Then I take a look at all my clients’ issues and obstacles. They come to me in their 30's, 40's and 50's struggling with weight gain, digestion issues, stress overload and just plain exhausted. And I give them support and suggestions and permission to be themselves. I give them permission to make mistakes, to be lazy, to delegate their responsibilities and to take some time to relax. To really dig into what it is they want to feel.

BAM!   There it is.   Like most experts I didn't even listen to my own advice.

I bet I have spoken to a hundred women feeling just like I do in the past few months. Stuck between dreams and expectations. Running in circles to meet all the expectations that they don't even realize come from themselves-not others. I

It is time to make my life MY LIFE.

This brings me to a book I have been working on for several years. A system and a strategy to a simpler life where your dreams and desires are important and respected. I am still working out the name, but right now I call it 3D Life. The 3D's are Delete, Delegate, and Design. I simplify your day-to-day by helping you discover what to and how to delete, delegate, and design the parts of your life that cause you the most stress.

Creating a system that frees up your time (good) and your peace of mind (better) so you can live your dream life (Hell yeah!). I promise I will let you know more information about this book soon (which I am making into an online course for your convenience).

First, I think I need to go through and get myself (back) on track. The great part about my system is that as your life and life's obstacles change, you can easily run through the system again to bring you back to simply and peacefully living your dream life.

If any of this sounds familiar, if you can relate, I probably don't need to say this last bit because you get it. But I feel like I should clarify a few points. I love my life, my kids, my home and my husband. I don't want this to post to sound like a complaint or a pity fest or pity request. When I say I don't want to put my family first I don't mean that I am quitting or letting go of my responsibilities.

Over the past 18 years I have been raising responsible and independent kids into adults. I have instilled values, taught trust, and shared love with my family in the best way I am able. I am not giving up on them. They don't need me like they did, and I should be proud of that. I should be proud enough that living for me and for my dreams will add more value, trust, and love to my family. Because I surely want them to always feel like they should pursue their dreams.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback. This was a tough post to write for me.

Diet Ads Debunked

Drop 15 Pounds this month!   Flat Sexy Abs!  30 Day Total Body Transformation!   Torch Mega Calories in 15 Minutes!   Tone Your Trouble Zones!

If only the advertisers were as good and creating good health as they are at promoting easy ways to look thin. I see these ads and it really frustrates me. So many of my clients bring me a laundry list of all these kind of weight-loss miracles that did not work for them. And they feel like failures or like they didn't try hard enough.

WRONG! Oh so wrong.

I hate that these "simple solutions" make you work your butt off, don't show much results AND leave you feeling like you should have "tried harder" or that nothing will ever work for you. Let me tell you a little secret. Those companies want you to spend money.

I know, duh, right?

But they really don't care at all if you get healthier or lose weight or firm up. Why should they? If you figure out how to do that then they lose you as a customer.

So, you may wonder why some of these programs actually work.

Well, you may not like my answer, but it is based on the placebo effect. Yep, it is not the products, it is just in your head.

Ready for my solution for you to do it without the products and promises that cost you money, are confusing and require tons of effort?

  • First, write down What your goal is and Why. The “why” is the heavy part of that. My most successful clients are successful because of the “why” and many don’t even really have a very defined “what”.
  • Second, decide what you think is the right kind and amount of foods to eat. Not what you read or what someone else says, listen to your body. What foods make you feel good during and after eating them? How many times a day do you really feel like you should eat? How big should each meal be?
  • Third, what do you enjoy doing that is active? Walking? Riding a bike? Playing a sport? Work the things you enjoy doing into your schedule. This is a great way to exercise without feeling like you are exercising. Also, a great way to manage stress.
  • Speaking of stress, Forth, is managing stress. Let me tell you that everyone has stress. And, different levels for different reasons. What you need to do is find a few relaxing activities that allow your body, mind and soul to rejuvenate. I like yoga, taking a bath, getting a massage and reading. Mmmmm, those make me feel god and allow my mind and my muscles to just let go.

Even with these 4 steps you may still need a little more help. That is ok. Find a friend or partner to support you with your goals. Be sure it is someone you can share you “why” with. Then, have them keep you accountable. Check in with you daily and weekly goals. Celebrate your success no matter how big or small. And adjust what you are doing to do more of what works and adjust or get rid of what doesn’t.

So, are you ready to skip the magazine ad promises and make your own goals?

Let me know what your goals are and why. Comment below and share them with me. If you feel like you are ready to get serious and hire a coach then give me a call to set up a strategy session and let’s chat about it. Most people start with a two month commitment to work with me. I would love to show you how to Simplify Your Health.

​Ready to get started now?  Sign up for a Health Strategy Session by calling Missy at 417-893-0501 or email

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