I want you to Simplify Your Health without lowering any standards.

I hope you find value as you explore this website and my Facebook page. I am currently not taking on any more Health Coaching clients, but feel free to help yourself to the Freebies I have online.

Be good to yourself and know that you probably already know the answers to questions about what is good for you, what you should and shouldn't be eating, and the best forms of exercise. Trust your instincts and know that the only easy way to live healthy is to make healthy choices your habit not something you do to make up for bad choices.

Yes, it can be simple. And Yes, you deserve to live a good life.   

​Health isn't just a number on a scale or report.  Health is your overall wellbeing. 

Sit-ups and broccoli can only do so much. 

A little about me.

My wish is to find the simplest and most enjoyable way to live.​ Then, of course, I want to share my experiences and skills with you.  I want to share my experiences with you so you can live a happy and healthy life too.  

I love to inspire and motivate others.  I guess it started when I was a kid.  I am the oldest of four kids and always felt like I should teach, guide, and nurture others.  I like to have fun and be active but I don't get crazy with it. Throughout my life I have not had a lot of trouble with my weight or health, mainly because I am very in tune with my body. I know when I need to move more and I know when I need to slow down.  I like to think about the body as a machine where every part affects the other.

For me it is simple.  And Simple is what I am all about.  I can make it simple for you too.  
​A little more about me.
I LOVE Yoga!

The first yoga class I went to was in 2007. I went with a friend and found it a little uncomfortable. I remember going home and measuring to see if I was taller. I was still 5 foot 1. I felt so long and lean in the class.

The class setting was a little intimidating so I tried yoga from DVD rentals and YouTube where I could enjoy yoga on my terms.

I started adding yoga poses and sequences to training plans I made for my personal training clients.​ I even introduced yoga to my Army National Guard unit to do for morning PT.

In 2012, I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training and began teaching out of my basement to some neighbors. Within a year, ​I started teaching a few days a week at the local community & fitness center.​

My teaching style is different than other yoga instructors. I keep the poses simple and make up my own names for the poses, (some are names my kids made up) ​and I talk the class through every phase of each pose so they know they are doing it right.

A little about my family.

​We are the modern American family. Blend together 6 kids from 3 marriages with alternating weekends, 5 different schools, and all original personalities and you get.....well, it is fun. Luckily, they are all school age and are all very healthy and full of energy.

I am not one to brag, but I feel I need to share with you how healthy my family is. We rarely get colds or flus, We have no asthma or allergies or even any broken bones. My kids do very well in school and enjoy sports, reading, art, and have the funnest imaginations I have ever seen.
I am sure we are very lucky and blessed, but ​I am also sure that living a healthy lifestyle is the main reason.

Don't say your family won't eat kale or that ​you limit their screen time but it doesn't work. That is not what my family does. We have tons of fun and my kids don't even know what kale is. (Not sure either, look it up here.) My point is I am a REAL mom and a REAL wife. I promise what I do is completely doable. I can show you if you would like.​