Turn your Plateaus into LAUNCHPADS

One of the biggest reasons we get overwhelmed is because we blur the lines of importance between self, work, and home.

I will teach you my secret to calm the chaos, mellow the nerves, reduce the stress, and bring you the joy you deserve in my 3D Life eCourse.

Live a life that inspires you. And inspires all those around you.

Learn if the 3D Life eCourse is for you.

What is it like to Live Life in 3D?

  • Overcome Organization Obstacles with Ease
  • Feel Empowered and Inspire Everyone Around You
  • Bust Through The Plateaus & Barriors That Hold You Back
  • Get the Appreciation You Deserve-Because You Are A SUPERHERO

*note I make the occassional superhero reference...I hope you don't mind.  : )

The 3D's.  The core of living life in 3D.




Delete the unnecessary.

Delegate what you don't have to do yourself.

Design your life for you.

I show you how to Delete, Delegate, and Design your 3D Life.

The 3D Life eCourse is a Time Management + Personal Development + Dream Life course.

You know how you feel when everything just falls into place and you are appreciated? When all your hard work on a project shows and everyone feels happy and successful? That is how you should feel ALL THE TIME.

Live a life that inspires you. And inspires all those around you.

It is ok to be successful and happy and healthy all at the same time! In fact  -YOU DESERVE IT! And I bet all of those people in your life know it too.

Do you have big dreams, high standards, and yearn to not only BE inspired, but want to INSPIRE OTHERS?  Do you have a passion that can't be tamed? Are you a fast-learner, a fast mover, and a self-starter?

I bet you are in the middle of a personal development book right now.  (Or more than one.)​ I get it--I am always improving, growing and learning, too.  

Do you get pumped when the underdog makes his comeback?  Do you give great advice?  Are you the one who gives that extra ummph when someone needs it? 

Do you put the

TRY .... AND ... the UMPH

into TRIUMPH?​

Are you successful? I bet you know what you need to do and how you need to do it to be successful in your health, your finances, and your overall happiness. You give great advice, do your research, and wonder why others don't have the same (high) standards in their life.

You know better than to buy into the one-size-fits-all formulas to "Great Success" You LIVE success everyday. 

When you struggle, it is not for long because you don't have time to waste. You find the answers, move through the barriers, and chalk up every obstacle passed as a lesson learned. No need to make the same mistake twice.

You see others struggle with their home, their work and their health and you think "I may not be perfect, but I am not making THOSE mistakes"

Your priorities and your values are key to every choice you make. Others know they can depend on you. And they should, because you have integrity. You are inspirational.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a clone of you?  You are there for everyone and everything else..... How about a break?  Some support?  A little help, please.  : )

You are brilliant at your job, you are caring and loving. You are honest and keep high expectations.

Your loved ones think you need to slow down, but you know your pace is faster than most.

Your dreams are bigger, your reach is further.

You are confident. Confident in your future and your path in life.

You know you can have the home life, work life and personal life you deserve. And on YOUR terms-not society's or per stereotypes.

You are keenly aware that many people depend on you. You are the glue AND The gears that make things work and work right.You are the one that puts things back together when it falls apart - without blame, without complaints, without restitution.

You are always making things better, bigger - More!

It is time for YOU!  For your dreams, your passions, your mission.  

People work with me to build their dreams.  They don't need help coming up with dreams, and ways to get more passionate...that's covered. What they need is someone to be a sounding board. Someone to give them the nudge to KEEP GOING! Someone to challenge their boundaries.  

My clients are dreamers AND doers. They seek an ambitious teammate who can brainstorm and think one-step-ahead.  ​

If you are still reading this, then the 3D Life is for you!  

So,why listen to me?

Here's my story.  My name is Missy Martin and I've spent all of my life as a leader, a teacher, a motivator, and a great listener and advisor to my friends, family, and clients.  Although I have a B.S. Degree in Business Management, most of my education came from experiences as a parent, a member of the US Military, and creating and growing my health and wellness business.  

My biggest lessons came in areas of managing my time as a single mom while completing college and attending a demanding leadership training in the military.  Any one of those challenges would have been tough enough, but doing them all at the same time took skill, passion, courage and motivation.  

My natural talent is to improve things. So I created schedules and systems to make things easier. I've helped coworkers and friends get out of their rut with just a quick meet up to bounce ideas off of me. I will share with you my best tips and strategies to find success no matter what your dreams are!

I crave knowledge and inspiration and have no trouble finding it.  The people who benefit the most from my coaching, training, and advice are those who have a deep passion. (I Love it!!)  Passion so strong, nothing will stop them. They are creative and innovative and always seeking and exploring.​

Grow your Success Confidence!  How confident are you with your success?​

I am so proud of this program. If you are a go-getter and have some discipline you will see Huge Growth with the 3D Life course.  But, if you are like me and want to get a top-notch coach on your side supporting you and challenging you a long the way, Sign Up for the 3D VIP Program!  

In addition to the jam-packed 3D Life eCourse, you also get Two Group Coaching calls and Two 1-on-1 Private Coaching sessions with me!! That is a ​$400 value right there.  Plus you will have access to other ambitious success seekers like you in the Private 3D VIP group which includes extras I only share with my Private Coaching Clients.  

So, Are you ready to Live Life in 3D?

Let's make your dream life a real life--a 3D Life!

In the first lesson you will notice a HUGE shift in the amount of time you can spend doing what YOU LOVE! Then each week you'll bust through barriers and discover solutions and systems that turn your Plateaus into Launchpads!

  1. Set the right goals:  Stop striving for someone else's goals and dreams. This is about You and where you want to be.
  2. Take control of your time Stop feeling rushed and behind and start enjoying the peace of having time for the important stuff. 
  3. Enjoy more of the things you work so hard for: With the right goals you take the right journey and each step of the way-no matter how hard it is- is yours and enjoyable.

    Enjoy Guilt-Free Balance and Freedom in your life!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't love living life in 3D over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Isn't this just Another Self Help Course?

With anything, you take out of it what you put into it.  But living life in 3D isn't about visualization or setting goals the old fashion way, it is about cutting out the extras that hold you back or drag you down.  The 3D life is about LIVING!  Enjoying what you have and getting more of it.  

It is simple and doable.  The more you do the strategies and tips I show you, the more you naturally apply them to all the things you do.  Your entire life runs smoother and easier.  People will ask you how you do it.  

"Turn your Plateaus into Launchpads!"

Missy Martin

P.S.: I am only available to work with a few 3D VIP members, so if you be sure to apply for one of my 3D VIP Spots right way!

 Shrink obstacles and clear the path to your dreams. 

3D Life

8-week self paced

8 week course

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Plus group and 1:1 Calls

8 week course

  • 3D VIP Private Group Access
  • 3D VIP Bonus 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • 3D VIP Group Mastermind Calls
  • 6 months access online
  • Download and keep all the materials Forever

$497 / month